The National Committee of the National Dialogue on civil society , as an advisory commission created at the initiative of the Government, which aim to manage a civil and societal dialogue ,
Recognizing the history , roles, and effectiveness of civil society in the reform , development, and defense of the values ​​of democracy and human rights ;
To consolidate the gains of the civil society to leverage its strengths and expertise and create the necessary conditions to better fulfill its role in the management of public affairs and the consolidation of national governance system ;
For a formal democratic application of constitutional provisions that assigns civil society leadership roles in participatory democracy;
Given that the national dialogue on civil society is a crucial milestone for listening and gathering opinions , appraisals and proposals of civil society actors in both sexes,
Invites all citizens , associations, non-governmental organizations , associations and networks as well as all relevant agencies to participate in the said dialogue whose purpose is to develop a collective response , summarizing the proposals and views of the various components Moroccan civil society organizations working in Morocco or abroad for the implementation of the constitutional provisions related to participatory democracy , and by submitting memoranda and written proposals and participating in listening sessions , symposia national and regional , as well as organizing parallel activities, meetings and consultative workshops . The contribution to the dialogue can address the following three areas:
Statutory instruments implementing the provisions of the Constitution , including the preparation of draft legislation to implement the Constitution , whether he is the organic laws and ordinary laws , decisions establishing institutions or other decisions for the right to establish relations of cooperation , complementarity and partnership in the field of participatory democracy at local, national and international as well as in the development, implementation , and evaluation of public policies.
The axis -related associations. The goal is to propose legislative , regulatory and institutional arrangements for the consolidation of the freedom and independence of associations, their management in accordance with democratic principles , strengthening governance, and the enjoyment of equal opportunities among these associations , access to information on both partnerships and sources of public funding and their participation in the development, implementation , and evaluation of public policies and decisions , or the establishment of an adequate legal framework for the benefit of those working in the voluntary sector , and to promote community action to allow him to be a productive area and employer and a real partner of the state and industry private sector in the process of development and democracy at the local and regional level.
The axis related to the draft of a national charter of participatory democracy . These are the values, principles, rights and duties as civil society actors must respect and teach in order to establish participatory democracy and its mechanisms complementary to representative democracy.

The fulfillment of this national mission in a collective and innovative spirit is one of the main platforms for consolidating the gains and the role of civil society and the creation of conditions necessary to fully play its role and to adhere to the building of democracy and development and implementation of participation and accountability.
For more information, see the website of the National Commission for Dialogue . The site includes blanks , tools, and calendar of activities of the Dialogue, and for a broad awareness of the issues of dialogue with the expected results should contribute to the strengthening of the role and place of civil society in the draft democracy and development in our country.