The National Dialogue on Civil Society is part of a responsible vision to strengthen the role of civil society , allowing it to take its rightful place as a key actor in the building of democracy and development plays , and this in line with the Constitution and the various royal speech which is raised to the rank of a fundamental partner in the development, implementation , and evaluation of public policies.
The National Dialogue on civil society and the new constitutional prerogatives is strategic especially since it is part of a modernist as renewing that meets the expectations of the Moroccan associative movement which helped tenaciously for decades vision hoist civil society in its current position . Added to this is the consecration by the Constitution of roles and consolidate its position as a key actor in the democratic construction .
In all societies , the term civil society refers to an entity encompassing associations formed by citizens in all freedom and independence vis-à- vis the state . These associations do not have profit , working with transparency, are concerned about social responsibility, and focus on the spirit of citizenship. Any association or group of associations can not claim to represent all citizens and seek to dominate the public space. Bodies established by the government are excluded from the scope of civil society .
Also excluded from the term civil society , as defined in this note , political parties , trade unions, professional bodies , professional organizations referred to in Articles 7 and 8 of the Constitution.
Civil society involved in the Dialogue is designated in the Constitution of the Kingdom , including Article 12, which states:
"The associations of civil society and non-governmental organizations are formed and operate freely in accordance with the Constitution and the law. They can not be dissolved or suspended by the government due by virtue of a court decision. Associations interested in public affairs , and non-governmental organizations contribute through participatory democracy , development , implementation and evaluation of projects and decisions of elected institutions and governments . These institutions and authorities should organize this contribution in accordance with terms and conditions prescribed by law. The organization and operation of associations and non-governmental organizations must conform to democratic principles " " ( The law is the general freedoms Dahir of 1958 as amended and supplemented ) .
Moreover, the government's program is clearly committed to " begin the construction of participatory democracy by implementing the constitutional provisions relating thereto and to develop working relationships with civil society in order to promote the development , strengthen rights and Freedoms and encourage the performance of duties and the exercise of rights. "


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