The National Commission on Civil Society Dialogue is an advisory committee established at the initiative of the government. The Commission is enjoying the independence of its decisions. It is a mechanism that aims to manage the national dialogue ensuring its deepening and widening at the end of a collective response to issues related to civil society and its new constitutional powers and help institutionalize a partnership between it and the state. The Commission wants to be open to all players in the Moroccan society, especially on all the components of the Moroccan civil society and non-governmental organizations in Morocco and abroad, to support institutions of civil society as well as the Moroccan expertise drawing on international experiences.

  Its opening is based on the philosophy of sharing, deliberation, franchise, coexistence and flexibility. The values ​​of citizenship and equality, that tap into the universality of human rights as it has been recognized by the Constitution, are a key reference in his approach to work. The Commission respects the principles of the culture of social gender, equal opportunities, cultural diversity, and geographical and linguistic pluralism in Morocco. It is based on achievements, standards and expertise of the associative movement in the design of collective ownership of public action.
  The Commission takes into account the logistical and financial resources allocated to the various events and activities of the Dialogue.


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