In order to carry out the National Dialogue independently, in accordance with international criteria commonly used in the public consultation process was the establishment of a joint commission to manage this strategic site. The Commission is composed of members who are appointed based on their expertise and experience and co-opted members nominated by their departments and constitutional government and national institutions. The Commission is chaired by a militant national figure known for his intellectual integrity and impartiality. All members, both those representing the constitutional institutions and national experts in the field, work in their personal capacity by demonstrating integrity, impartiality and voluntarism

The Commission is responsible for the following tasks:

1-Management of National Dialogue on civil society and the new constitutional prerogatives.
2. -The development of a comprehensive report on the progress of the dialogue.
3. The adoption of the final document collecting deliverables Dialogue.
The fulfillment of the above tasks requires the following:
-Develop concepts related to civil society in the Constitution
-develop proposals for legal drafts necessary
-Identify and treat the source of proposals and deliberations of civil society